Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I have never, ever been shopping on Black Friday. I have never had any desire to. There is no deal so good that I want to compete with insane crowds, lines and potential fights that occur every single year at every single store. So I was less than thrilled when I realized I would have to work Black Friday at Walmart.

Normally when I get to work we are assigned a department (so far I have worked exclusively in infants) and then we stock for 8 hours. Nothing too exciting. There is always something to do but it is all pretty easy if not physically exhausting. Last night we showed up and everyone was assigned special jobs. My job was to tape off the grocery aisles with labels of each electronic gadget that was going to be down that aisle. Than we did some stocking, mostly in toys. Other than it seemed like all of the managers were on completely different pages and everyone thought something different was happening, it was fairly calm. Once I got back from my lunch (3:30 am) we had to start guarding blitz items. Since we are open 24/7, we had all of the specials wrapped in black plastic and everything was guarded by employees so customers wouldn't take them early. I was put in apparel with these fleece lined hoodies. They were really nice and apparently REALLY popular. I was lucky though, because everyone waiting for them were really pleasant and so nice to everyone and I think it worked out that all of those standing in line got what they wanted even though there was almost nothing left after the first rush. I am sure it was a little more crazy over where the electronics were being sold but I couldn't see it from where I was. I somehow survived working with the crowds before getting off at 7 am. It is going to be busy from now on but at least that part is over.

On a sort of seperate note, there were these really cute fleece hoodies with Disney characters on them for toddlers for $4. I had seen them a week before since I work in infants and I really wanted this one with Minnie on it for Keira. We weren't allowed to shop until after we got off so I figured by the time I got off they would be gone. I decided when I got off to go walk by where they were and see if by chance any were left. They had the exact one I wanted in the size I needed left when I got there! I was so excited and Keira has been wearing it all day. I was going to give it to her for Christmas but it was too cute. I had to see her in it. So that is my first Black Friday purchase ever. I hope to be sleeping in my bed next year. :)

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Erin said...

I hope you are sleeping in your bed next year too! I'm glad they had one left for Keira - that's always fun, to find just what you wanted.