Sunday, December 21, 2008

Movie Time

I tried to go to work today but my car was snowed in. After Rick trying to dig it out for 10 minutes, all we managed to do was get it stuck in a different spot. I am sick of this weather!

I have been watching some good movies lately. That is probably because all of the summer movies are coming out and I only saw one in the theaters this summer. So I have a lot to catch up on. I decided to give a review of some of the movies I have seen lately. Some of them newer, some of them new to me. I am just trying to entertain myself. :)

I watched the Dark Knight last week. I thought the first new Batman movie was weird to say the least so I was expecting something similar. I had heard that is was very dark and was being partially to blame for Heath Ledger's death because he had gone a little coo coo after playing this part. I don't know if that is true or not, but after seeing this movie I wouldn't find it hard to believe. His character is crazy and the darkest, most evil villain I have seen in a movie in a long time, if ever. It was a very hard movie to watch sometimes but extremely gripping. I wish they would have given Two Face more screen time since he was one of my favorites from the last set of Batman movies (I don't know anything about the comics), but overall if you like thrillers this would be for you. I did think it was borderline as far as violence goes for a PG-13.

I also just watched Hancock the other day. I am a huge fan of Will Smith's but his last few movies have either looked boring or not my style. So when I saw previews for this one last spring I really wanted to see it in the theaters, but Indiana Jones won out on the one movie that I was willing to spend money on. It was very entertaining and I loved the twists that they put in, although Rick thought he was smart and spoiled the twist before it came. Rude. I kind of feel like if I was a super hero, I would be a lot like Hancock, minus the drinking. They show on the previews the part where he saves the whale by throwing it back into the ocean and it manages to hit the one boat in the harbor. So funny. Even after seeing the movie, I think it is my favorite part.

The one thing I miss about working at Blockbuster is that I am always behind on new releases these days. I used to know when every movie was coming out and I would have seen most of them before they were released (we got to rent them before they came out). So if you have seen any good movies lately let me know because I probably haven't seen them and I need to narrow down to ones that would be worth my time. I just love movies.

Crazy Boiling Over

I have been trying to come up with something to blog about. I really want to stay away from whining about my life, my job and everything else. All I can think about is how annoyed I am with everything. I know I should be thankful for all we have and I am, but it isn't how we would like life to be.

First off, I signed on full time at Walmart. I was originally hired as a seasonal worker but they asked me to sign on full time (actually I was on the schedule after Christmas and so I went and talked to my manager and they had changed me to full time without talking to me. Funny.). I know it is a blessing that I can keep my job but I hate working. I want to be a full time mom. I am frustrated with how little Rick gets done with his freelance while I am sleeping during the day. I am frustrated that no one will even interview him, let alone hire him. I am frustrated that I am missing out being with my girls all the time. I am just glad that I like my job for the most part and don't really mind being there. I work with mostly good people and get along with most of them. It may be a fairly simple job that anyone with half a brain could do but I feel a sense of accomplishment when I go home everyday. I can look at my department and know that I have left it better than when I got there. It is just not what I ever saw myself doing. It is not what I had in the plans.

Second thing that is on my mind is this weather. I know it is very typical winter weather for most parts of the country but for Washington it is very abnormal. The last time it was like this was when I got married. Maybe it is just Mother Natures way of wishing Rick and me a happy 5th anniversary? I like the rain and can't wait for all of this snow and ice to melt. It is really hard to get to work and I even called in tonight just because I didn't want to get stuck at work. If I wanted to deal with this kind of weather I would live in Idaho. ;) So lets move on already.

The third thing I have been thinking about recently is my wedding anniversary coming up. Rick and I will be married 5 years on January 3rd (as stated in the last paragraph) and I want us to do something special together even if it is just to get away from the kids. But with him out of work I am going to feel really guilty if we spend any money. Should we just say whatever and go treat ourselves to dinner, a movie, or whatever we want or just sit at home moping that we don't get to do anything fun to celebrate and regret we never did anything to celebrate this milestone? I am started to lean toward just doing whatever but it keeps rolling around in my mind.

I know I have a lot to be grateful for but I feel like the world is against us these days. I just hope that I can enjoy Christmas and that next year will be better for everyone than this year was. Hopefully with new leadership and with some common sense we can get ourselves out of the mess we are in and learn from it.

Thanks for reading my rantings. The crazy is just starting to boil over. :)

Monday, December 15, 2008


Rick has been telling me I need to blog more often but I am never sure what to write about. My life seems like one big blur of Walmart and sleeping these days. So I decided to do something I saw on Erin's blog. I have done it once before (something similar at least) on MySpace and it cracks me up so here I go.
You have to turn on your music player, shuffle the songs and put in as the answer the first song that comes up for each question. Rick has thousands of songs so lets see what happens!

The Whomping Willow and the Snowball Fight (by John Williams, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

Live for the One I Love (Celine Dion)

Prosthetic Head (Greenday)

There I Go (Will Bradley)

10,000 Days (Tool)

Here in Your Bedroom (Goldfinger)

Go Tell it on the Mountain (Garth Brooks)

What's Golden (Jurassic 5)

She Hates Me (Puddle of Mud)

Love Me Too Much (Rachel Loy)

I Will Buy You a New Life (Everclear)

Nobody Does it Better (Carly Simon)

Walkin on the Sun (Smash Mouth)

Mr. Amsterdam (Sum 41)

Earth Angel (Crew Cuts)

Suffer (Bad Religion)

Left Hand Suzuki Method (Gorillas)

30/30-150 (Stone Sour)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I have never, ever been shopping on Black Friday. I have never had any desire to. There is no deal so good that I want to compete with insane crowds, lines and potential fights that occur every single year at every single store. So I was less than thrilled when I realized I would have to work Black Friday at Walmart.

Normally when I get to work we are assigned a department (so far I have worked exclusively in infants) and then we stock for 8 hours. Nothing too exciting. There is always something to do but it is all pretty easy if not physically exhausting. Last night we showed up and everyone was assigned special jobs. My job was to tape off the grocery aisles with labels of each electronic gadget that was going to be down that aisle. Than we did some stocking, mostly in toys. Other than it seemed like all of the managers were on completely different pages and everyone thought something different was happening, it was fairly calm. Once I got back from my lunch (3:30 am) we had to start guarding blitz items. Since we are open 24/7, we had all of the specials wrapped in black plastic and everything was guarded by employees so customers wouldn't take them early. I was put in apparel with these fleece lined hoodies. They were really nice and apparently REALLY popular. I was lucky though, because everyone waiting for them were really pleasant and so nice to everyone and I think it worked out that all of those standing in line got what they wanted even though there was almost nothing left after the first rush. I am sure it was a little more crazy over where the electronics were being sold but I couldn't see it from where I was. I somehow survived working with the crowds before getting off at 7 am. It is going to be busy from now on but at least that part is over.

On a sort of seperate note, there were these really cute fleece hoodies with Disney characters on them for toddlers for $4. I had seen them a week before since I work in infants and I really wanted this one with Minnie on it for Keira. We weren't allowed to shop until after we got off so I figured by the time I got off they would be gone. I decided when I got off to go walk by where they were and see if by chance any were left. They had the exact one I wanted in the size I needed left when I got there! I was so excited and Keira has been wearing it all day. I was going to give it to her for Christmas but it was too cute. I had to see her in it. So that is my first Black Friday purchase ever. I hope to be sleeping in my bed next year. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

50 Things

Some of the cousins have been posting this about themselves. Lets see how I do. I just did 50 though because it is late and I don't want to think that hard. Maybe I will add 50 more later.

1. I hate the color orange and Rick loves it so guess what color our room is? Never say men don't get a say in how their house is decorated.

2. I love to watch sitcoms. Most of my favorite shows are sitcoms. 30 Rock, Friends, Big Bang Theory, The Office, How I Met Your Mother... the list keeps going and going.

3. I used to HATE Walmart but working there is actually starting to make me like it. Weird.

4. I was Salutatorian (#2) in my high school graduating class so I gave a speech at graduation.

5. Rick and I were looking for something we could do together so we learned how to play Magic the Gathering. I love to play it!

6. I started watching Food Network at BYU-I because I never cooked real food for myself so I liked to pretend I would get to eat what they were making. I still watch it constantly but can probably count on one hand the amount of recipes that I have actually made off of there.

7. Rick and I went to our senior prom as friends. That is the ONLY high school dance I ever went to and don't regret that decision for a second.

8. My first calling in church was primary pianist at age 11.

9. One of my favorite video games is The Sims 2. I could (and have) played it for hours on end.

10. I have only been stung by bees on the foot. I used to run around barefoot outside constantly and was constantly stepping on bees.

11. I came up with Keira's name while staring at my movie collection. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean, thought Keira Knightly and knew that was the name we should name Keira.

12. I have been to DisneyWorld and Disneyland in the same year.

13. I want to go back to DisneyWorld sooooo bad.

14. I have a spoon collection from all over the United States and some other parts of the world but I haven't been to most of the places I have spoons for.

15. I can't stand the color pink but love to dress my girls in it.

16. I have extremely tight muscles and even had to wear corrective footwear for it as a child. I still can't touch my toes even at my limberest of times.

17. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

18. I am so proud that my sister is on a mission in Argentina and sometimes a little jealous that she has had this opportunity.

19. I just joined my ward choir. I have never sung in a choir other than elementary school. I always play the piano for them. It is going to be an interesting experience.

20. During my lunches at work at 2:30 in the morning, I read my book by the parking lot lights and it works great!

21. I have always liked the name Pierce for a boy, but then I married someone with the last name Pierce so that name has gone out the window. Oh well.

22. I was ASB secretary my senior year of high school. The school administration asked me three days before the election if I would run because no one else had thrown their hat in the ring. So I ran unopposed. It was a nail biter of an election.

23. I was the only member of the church in my class in my school for most of high school.

24. Rick and I got married on the first anniversary of our first kiss.

25. Rick and I got married during one of the worst snow storms that Washington has seen in years.

26. I can't swim.

27. I have had gestational diabetes twice. I still want more kids.

28. I am more afraid of the epidural needle than the pain of childbirth so I have had both of my children naturally.

29. Rick has a half sister that I have never met (and he has only met twice). I wish I was able to get to know the only sister in law I will ever have but that may never happen.

30. I miss teaching piano lessons. I wish I could find some students!

31. I voted for Barrack Obama.

32. I hate clothes shopping. I hate spending money on clothes and I hate buying clothes. It just seems like a waste of money to me.

33. We drove to Yakima to adopt our dog. We saw her online and knew she was the dog we were suppose to get.

34. I can't wait for the new Harry Potter movie to come out.

35. I have never read the Twilight books and could really care less.

36. I had the same math teacher for all four years of high school (she was also my chemistry teacher).

37. I have been in the back lots of Disneyland. It is really grungy and gross and you are NOT allowed to take any pictures. Funny stuff.

38. Rick and I were sealed in the Seattle Temple one year after we were married.

39. I wear flip flops 98% of the time regardless of the weather.

40. I had my ears pierced when I was 11 but the last time I wore earring was to my wedding. I don't think they are pierced anymore.

41. I hate to camp but I went to all 6 years of girls camp and wouldn't have changed any of it for the world.

42. Andrea and I got in a huge fight at camp one year that everyone in the stake heard and talked about for the rest of the day. Oops.

43. I refuse to turn the heat on until it hits freezing consistantly. If you don't like the cold, put on a sweater.

44. I love James Bond movies.

45. It seems like everyone around me has those ear stretchers these days. It really makes my ears hurt when I see them.

46. I love any carbonated beverage.

47. I converted almost all of my light bulbs to energy savers. I really want to replace everything in the house with "green" equivilents I just need some money to do it...

48. My kids are exactly 25 months and one day apart.

49. My master bathroom is bigger than my kitchen (no joke).

50. I hope one day Rick and I get to go on a couple's mission.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Whistle While You Work

I somehow have survived my first two nights of work. I am working from 10pm to 7 am five days a week. This is usually the exact time that I am in bed so you can imagine how screwed up I am right now. I am trying to stay on schedule even during my nights off, but my bed is calling my name. I just have to stay busy!

Who out there feels the need to go shopping at 2 in the morning? I don't understand this at all. Even if I am not asleep I don't really like to leave the house past 8 unless I am already out. I just don't feel motivated. I guess I can understand if that is the only time you have to shop but what about those people bringing in their kids? Shouldn't they be in bed? My children are in bed by 8 and 9. Even if they weren't I wouldn't be dragging them around town in the middle of the night. I just don't get it.

I have been working the infant department the last three days. Such a dangerous place. Usually if I am just shopping I run in and grab diapers or wipes and go right back out. I don't linger because I know I could be tempted to buy a cute outfit or something. Now imagine working and stocking all of the baby stuff for 8 hours. The temptation is HUGE! I have held off so far but I really want to get some of the cute clothes and toys. Plus it really ticks me off that they have plastic BPA free baby bottles in the stores now, when they didn't 3 months ago when I was buying them for Elaina. I ended up getting glass ones, which I do like, but I would have preferred the plastic. They are much lighter although harder to keep clean. They do have BPA free sippy cups now so I am switching out all of our sippy cups slowly. Keira got brand new Dora cups and LOVES them. She is such a fan.

This is probably the last time I should blog at 1 in the morning. I am rambling. I am just not a night person and this schedule is not my idea of a fun time. I hope that after Christmas we feel better about our finances and I can quit with good conscience. Perhaps I can finally get some piano students. We have a pretty big primary. There must be someone who needs lessons. I will have to keep my ears open.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Calling

I have been in my new ward since the end of July. I understand that they didn't give me a calling right away because I had a baby a whole four days after the first Sunday we went to the ward. The ward has been great though. The relief society president called me a half hour after I had Elaina asking if I had had the baby yet and if they could help with anything. Do you think she felt prompted to call? They sent us meals that weekend even though almost none of them had met me the week before. They have been a great ward ever since. We haven't felt so involved with a ward in a long time and we have lots of experience with new wards!

Anyway, yesterday I finally got a calling. Rick got his the week before. He is going to be the 11 year old boyscout leader. I am going to be the primary music leader. I am a little freaked out because I have never done this calling before. The first time I was the primary pianist I was 11 and I have been it many times since then including subbing on a regular basis. I don't know how I am going to be creative and keep the kids' attention. So if anyone knows any good places with good ideas or if you have had this calling and have some ideas that have worked for you I am completely open. Next Sunday we are having a special relief society that all of the woman are going to so I won't have to start then. I have two weeks to get it together. My middle name is Procrastinator so this should be interesting.

Friday, October 31, 2008


8 TV shows I LOVE to watch:

1. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
2. Colbert Report
3. 30 Rock
4. Big Bang Theory
5. How I Met Your Mother
6. Mythbusters
7. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
8. Food Network

8 Favorite Restaurants:

1. Red Robin
2. TGI Fridays
3. Taco Bell
4. Cinnabon
5. Los Charros
6. Jack in the Box
7. Applebees
8. Any chinese

8 Things that happened Yesterday:

1. Went to a playgroup with Keira
2. Cleaned up projectile spit up
3. went to two stores to find candles for the Jack O' Lanterns
4. ate way too much Halloween candy (tonight will be worse)
5. cooked two things of pasta causing every window in our house to cloud up
6. got a surprise visit from my dad
7. Had two of Rick's friends over to play Rock Band
8. Finally got to watch the season premier of 30 Rock!

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. Finishing work (I know, I haven't even started yet)
2. Rick getting a new job
3. Keira getting potty trained
4. Elaina passing off all of her milestones
5. getting a honeymoon
6. Christmas
7. Harry Potter movie (why did they have to delay it?)
8. Andrea coming home in 1 year!

8 things on my wish list:

1. Trip to DisneyWorld
2. Go on a honeymoon
3. New windows for our house
4. New appliances for our house
5. a great job for my hubby
6. everything in the world for my kids
7. a grand piano
8. eating as much chocolate as I want without gaining weight (I am a dreamer)

You can play if you want. Have fun.

The Conflict Within

I finally got a job for the holidays. However it is causing conflict. I got a job at Walmart but I HATE Walmart. I refuse to shop there and have nothing good to say about the company. Maybe working there will make me feel better about it or maybe just reaffirm everything I have always said and I will despise the place even more. There are many bad corporations out there but I feel that Walmart is one of the tops. So I will take their money, but I hope once it is over that I will never step foot in there again. I would be ok with that. Oh, I am working as a night stocker. So if you see me and I look like a zombie, or you wonder why my posts are speratic and crazier than usual, just know that my sleep has been severly compromised and I am planning on spending January in my bed. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Early Mornings and Movie Watching

I woke up this morning at about 3:30 am because the baby usually wakes up by then. She still hadn't woken up yet so instead of enjoying it I panic like I always do and ran into her room to check her breathing. All is well of course. So I went back to bed and started thinking about EVERYTHING and couldn't go back to sleep. At about 4:15, Elaina finally woke up and so I went and fed her since it is my night (Rick and I rotate nights. One plus to bottle feeding.) So while I was feeding her and getting more and more thirsty, for no reason, I decided not to go back to bed because I wasn't doing much in there anyway. So I have been on the computer since about 4:45. It is now just after 6. I was not planning on just posting about my night time sleeping habits but I thought I would start off with that because it is so unusual.

(Rick, notice my line break!) Anyway, I have been going back and forth on whether I should cancel Netflix. It is only $14 a month and it is our ONLY frivolous thing we spend our money on. Now that we don't have jobs I feel like I should cancel it but I also feel like it would just depress us more and do little good. Thankfully I am paid up until the 15th so I have a while to decide. There is nothing more that I love than getting a movie in the mail. Rick and I used to work at Blockbuster and at a couple points in our marriage had access to 10 free rentals a week. No we rarely watched that many but it was always nice to have the option. Then we both quit (Rick much sooner than I) and we were without movies. So we started Blockbuster Online because that was our former employer and we felt guilty for even considering any other company. I will say that back then Blockbuster Online was a better deal. They have even improved on their services a lot but with that have also raised their prices a lot. We finally ended up moving to Olympia, and were away from stores that we knew employees at. I decided to look up Netflix and it was way cheaper for almost as many features. So we have been loyal Netflixians ever since. It has actually been a way for Rick and me to spend time together because he rarely watches tv with me but if we have a movie that semi interests him, he will watch it. We have even been watching Star Trek Voyager together. We are almost to Season 7 which is the last season so we have to decided what series we want to tackle next. We are thinking Battlestar Galactica but if you have a better suggestions let us know. We are interested in a Sci-Fi show since I only tend to watch comedies on regular tv. Such decisions to be made. Hopefully our financial situation will be figured out before the 15th so I don't feel guilty if I don't cancel it. I have such issues. ;)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Honeymooning in San Fran

Rick and I have been married almost 5 years. We will be celebrating our anniversary Jan 3. We have never really had a honeymoon, just a two night stay at a hotel in Tacoma. It is our goal to take a honeymoon this year. We have never taken a trip that wasn't for work or family purposes. We really just want a long, "romantic" (aka, no kids) weekend away where we can do whatever we want. We have decided that since DisneyWorld is probably out of our budget for the distant future, that we want to go to San Fransisco. Rick has been there once and I have never been and he really wants to take me. I wasn't to thrilled at first. What could be there that would be interesting? But I started doing some research and it actually sounds like a really cool town with lots of cool things to do. My top two things I want to see are Ghirardelli Square and Alcatrez Island. I know that with Rick being laid off it will probably happen a little later than hoped (not our anniversary) but it is still our goal and we are looking forward to planning it when our future becomes a little more certain. Does anyone have any tips when planning a trip to San Fran or just in general? Anywhere we should go? This is just a beginner trip. Next stop: DisneyWorld. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Taking Care of Business

After hearing the heart stopping news that Rick had been laid off on Monday, I started applying to every major retail and grocery store in the area. I have been fortunate enough to get two interviews and almost have a temporary job at Walmart in place. I almost hope I get both jobs that I am interviewing for (or get another job that I may not have an interview for yet) so that I can feel more in control. Since I had Keira, I have never wanted to go work outside the home. I would love to have lots of piano students or just do some computer stuff that I have been doing. The world seems to think differently. Rick is really enjoying doing freelance from home, so I hope that I can keep us afloat long enough for his freelance to take off or for him to find another job that he really loves. For some reason I feel at peace right now. I have no idea why. We really don't know where the next paycheck is going to come from. We have both been praying and trying to figure out what to do. And yet I don't feel panicked anymore. I hope that it means that Heavenly Father is giving me peace and that everything is going to be ok and not that I am in denile. I am so grateful to all of those who have sent their well wishes and prayers our way. Please continue. We need all of the help that we can get.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Crappy Week for a Crappy Economy

This week has not been our family's best week ever. Rick got laid off from his job and we are with no jobs in our house at the minute. We have just gotten on our feet after almost 5 years of marriage so we have hardly any savings and little food storage. I recommend that if you don't have these things that you start working on them RIGHT NOW! We were doing it but it didn't get done in time apparently. I hope that I can find some piano students soon. I have been advertising myself all over but no takers yet. Rick has decided to do some free lance for a while. He has wanted to always do that and feels like this is the perfect opportunity. I am proud that he has been so self motivated to work 8 + hours a day on it and is trying to get some more stuff out the door. So please pray that we will find gainful employment and that this economy turns around soon. Please vote for those people that you feel will help our economy the most and will hold those who made risky decisions that have ruined many Americans responsible.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Voted!

I have been a registered voter since I turned 18. My mom insisted that I register because there was a school levy and she wanted me to vote. She really wanted me to vote yes (which I did) but she of course didn't make me. Ever since then I have voted in almost every election that we have had whether it is local or national. The last presidential election was my first and I was very into it like most of the country. This current election is no different. I am tired of the things that are happening in our government and with our country. I want a change. We need honest people in the white house that will listen to bi partisan advisers and also what the people want. I am incredibly anti-Bush (along with 80% if the country) and find my self less and less with the republican party. Not that I have EVER been republican or democrat. I have always been a strong independent and have never voted down a party line.
Anyway, our absentee ballots came in the mail yesterday and it was almost like a weight was lifted. All I want to do is vote and get this election behind us. I am tired of all of the ads and the news and listening to politicians from morning til night. So I sat down last night and voted. I had already made up my mind on the major decisions like President and the state initiatives but I still hadn't made up my mind for governor (I have voted and I still keep going back and forth.) or any other local leaders. So I went through the voters pamphlet one by one and voted for the person I though would do best without looking at their party affiliation most of the time. I am proud to say that I ended up voting for 9 democrats and 6 republicans. I really hope that this election makes a difference and that our country can get back to being a land of prosperity and stability. I also hope that everyone who is legally able, will go out and vote. You can't complain about what is going on if you don't at least voice your opinion.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Grandpa

My Grandpa Williams died on Oct 1. He had been fighting cancer for a long time and his body finally decided it was done fighting. I must admit that his death brought on a lot of emotions like anyone's death does to those they are close to. I was sad that he was gone. I have never had anyone so close to me die before. I was also relieved that he was finally gone. I had a peace in knowing that he was no longer in pain and suffering as he has been for a very long time.
I have many good memories of my grandpa. He was always interested in everything going on in his grandchildrens' lives. He always wanted to know our grades and how we were doing in school. He always seemed very proud of all of our accomplishments. He made sure that we had money to put in our savings account. He even contributed to his great grand daughters savings accounts. He knew it was important and tried to make sure we did to. He loved food. We always had really good food whenever we went over to his house. He loved to shop for food, cook food and eat food. He loved to eat out and often took us out to eat when we were little. It was one of our favorite things to do with him.
He will be missed but I know that I will see him again someday and I can't wait for his temple work to be done. My mom wants Rick to do it and I am glad that I have a husband that is worthy to go to the temple to do that for our family.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lazy Cleaner

I hate, I stress HATE, to clean most anything, but the bathroom would have to be my least favorite. Like all good moms, my mom would make us clean the bathroom every week and it had to sparkle and shine. I must admit that I never really did a good job on my section (we divided it up into toilet, shower, mirrors and sinks). Somehow our bathroom was ALWAYS clean though. I just thought that we weren't that messy and my mom must be way too anal and we probably didn't need to clean it as often as she thought we did. Wrong. She went in after we were done almost every morning and wiped it down. Not that she would admit it but she did. Fast forward to me moving out on my own for the first time with five other girls in one apartment. We had two bathrooms, one was three of ours and the other was for the other three girls. Our bathroom was always spotless and the other bathroom was sort of in need of help on a constant basis. Again, I just thought that we must be so much neater than the other three girls. This is partially true because both of the girls that I shared my bathroom with were cleaning freaks and made sure it was clean (me, not so much). Fast forward to getting married. I knew that I was going to be sharing a bathroom with a boy (I say boy because when it comes to bathroom matters, men are boys), something I had never done before growing up with only sisters. After only living in our place for a couple days I began to notice that our bathroom was a mess. Always. And I never wanted to clean it. I wondered where these magic fairies were that had always kept all of my other bathrooms clean. After almost five years of marriage they have never shown up. I keep waiting. My bathroom is always in need of a good scrubbing.
Where is this all going? Well I was watching TV one day (I know, shocking) and I saw a commercial for these gel guns for lack of a better word, that you stick on your toilet and they wash your toilet for you. They have had those things that you hang off the toilet seat that do the same thing but they ended up being kind of a disaster for us. The only place they would work with the toilet we had was right where someone had to aim something and this someone ended up making more of a mess usually then the toilet cleaner could clean. That is as specific as I am going to get. Anyway, the minute I saw this gel gun I HAD to have it and the next time I saw it in the store I bought it. They are absolutely great. You just need to make sure that your toilet is as sparkling clean as you want it to always be (this is something I am still working on), punch a gel "star" on the side of your toilet bowl where water runs when it is flushed and you will have a clean toilet for about a week. It says that it lasts a week but since I have two toilets that we use equally, mine has been lasting for about two. They also have two scents, original and citrus. I have only used the original and it smells nice and clean.
Now I want to try one of those shower cleaners that do it automatically for you (made by the same company, are these people geniuses or what?).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Winning Ideas

Many people blame there obsession for computers on blogs, online gaming, Myspace, etc but I have another kind of obsession. This one started a couple years ago when I was trying to figure out ways that I could help with some income as a new stay at home mom. I felt helpless just sitting at home all day not doing anything to help with our tightening wallet. One day I was watching TV and I saw this news spot for a website that gave you money to watch ads. I thought it was a great idea so I signed up. It was ended up sounding better than it actually was. You got about $.25 per ad you watched but they only had about one available per week if you were lucky. Not exactly big bucks. I kept it up only because it was better than nothing but I got really excited when they announced that they were launching a beta of a new version of their website and as a current member I could register on it. I did and was instantly hooked. Instead of earning cash you earned sweepstake entries to an ever growing amount of prizes and points that you can cash for gift cards to many different companies. Go to this webpage to sign up. ( ) (one of these days I will figure out this linking thing. It just doesn't want to work for me these days.) You will be under my referal and help me earn more entries. It is a really easy way to earn gift cards and other cool things. I have won an Apple TV (which I sold on Ebay for $150!) and many gift cards. Oh and these days you get about 10 ads A DAY!

My other big thing I do online to help with the cobwebs in our wallet is online surveys. I have used many websites and investigated even more and I have come up with some that I think are the best. I decided that I would only use ones that give me points or cash for EVERY survey that I take (some give you entries into drawing only. Big rip off I think). Most of these give you cash AND drawings into sweepstakes for even bigger money. Now I have never won a sweepstakes yet but I do win enough cash or giftcards to help out with a bill now and then or for something fun to do with my hubby. Here are the websites I use. Check them out. You may get to earn some extra cash too.

I don't think many people are reading this but I just thought I would get out there things I like to do online. I have so many ideas for things I want to write about but this is a great place to start. Now if my husband would just get this blog looking good. He says he is "thinking about it."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Blog is Born

So I decided to start a blog separate from my family blog to use to post my rants, raves and jabberings. Hence the name Netty Jabbers. I thought it was quite clever. :) This blog will be about everything and anything that comes to mind. It could be movie reviews, political views, product reviews, pet peeves, good news, anything is game. I have no hopes of anyone really getting into it I just need something to stimulate my mind and help me think. But if you are reading this I hope that you enjoy it and let me know your opinions and thoughts on any topics I might bring up. Now I just need my designer husband to help me make it look good.