Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lazy Cleaner

I hate, I stress HATE, to clean most anything, but the bathroom would have to be my least favorite. Like all good moms, my mom would make us clean the bathroom every week and it had to sparkle and shine. I must admit that I never really did a good job on my section (we divided it up into toilet, shower, mirrors and sinks). Somehow our bathroom was ALWAYS clean though. I just thought that we weren't that messy and my mom must be way too anal and we probably didn't need to clean it as often as she thought we did. Wrong. She went in after we were done almost every morning and wiped it down. Not that she would admit it but she did. Fast forward to me moving out on my own for the first time with five other girls in one apartment. We had two bathrooms, one was three of ours and the other was for the other three girls. Our bathroom was always spotless and the other bathroom was sort of in need of help on a constant basis. Again, I just thought that we must be so much neater than the other three girls. This is partially true because both of the girls that I shared my bathroom with were cleaning freaks and made sure it was clean (me, not so much). Fast forward to getting married. I knew that I was going to be sharing a bathroom with a boy (I say boy because when it comes to bathroom matters, men are boys), something I had never done before growing up with only sisters. After only living in our place for a couple days I began to notice that our bathroom was a mess. Always. And I never wanted to clean it. I wondered where these magic fairies were that had always kept all of my other bathrooms clean. After almost five years of marriage they have never shown up. I keep waiting. My bathroom is always in need of a good scrubbing.
Where is this all going? Well I was watching TV one day (I know, shocking) and I saw a commercial for these gel guns for lack of a better word, that you stick on your toilet and they wash your toilet for you. They have had those things that you hang off the toilet seat that do the same thing but they ended up being kind of a disaster for us. The only place they would work with the toilet we had was right where someone had to aim something and this someone ended up making more of a mess usually then the toilet cleaner could clean. That is as specific as I am going to get. Anyway, the minute I saw this gel gun I HAD to have it and the next time I saw it in the store I bought it. They are absolutely great. You just need to make sure that your toilet is as sparkling clean as you want it to always be (this is something I am still working on), punch a gel "star" on the side of your toilet bowl where water runs when it is flushed and you will have a clean toilet for about a week. It says that it lasts a week but since I have two toilets that we use equally, mine has been lasting for about two. They also have two scents, original and citrus. I have only used the original and it smells nice and clean.
Now I want to try one of those shower cleaners that do it automatically for you (made by the same company, are these people geniuses or what?).

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