Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Grandpa

My Grandpa Williams died on Oct 1. He had been fighting cancer for a long time and his body finally decided it was done fighting. I must admit that his death brought on a lot of emotions like anyone's death does to those they are close to. I was sad that he was gone. I have never had anyone so close to me die before. I was also relieved that he was finally gone. I had a peace in knowing that he was no longer in pain and suffering as he has been for a very long time.
I have many good memories of my grandpa. He was always interested in everything going on in his grandchildrens' lives. He always wanted to know our grades and how we were doing in school. He always seemed very proud of all of our accomplishments. He made sure that we had money to put in our savings account. He even contributed to his great grand daughters savings accounts. He knew it was important and tried to make sure we did to. He loved food. We always had really good food whenever we went over to his house. He loved to shop for food, cook food and eat food. He loved to eat out and often took us out to eat when we were little. It was one of our favorite things to do with him.
He will be missed but I know that I will see him again someday and I can't wait for his temple work to be done. My mom wants Rick to do it and I am glad that I have a husband that is worthy to go to the temple to do that for our family.

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Erin said...

That is really sweet. I love remembering things about my grandma, who died four years ago. And yay for temple work!