Friday, January 16, 2009

Generousity of Others

So in order to tell you this story you will need to know some background information.

Rick was laid off from his job at the Lewis County Chronicle in October. He was the web developer there and it was his job to build and maintain the news papers main website and also his brain child, the Lewis County Buzz. The Buzz was a forum where anyone in Lewis County and surrounding areas could come for information, fun and social interaction. It was incredibly popular and became a very tight knit community. When Rick was laid off it was one of the first things that The Chronicle got rid of, unfortunately. Many people were angry or sad at this so Rick and a couple others with web experience got together and made a new forum, It immediately became very popular with the "old crowd" and many new people have found it also. Most of them look to Rick as their "founding father" since he was the creater of the Buzz and one of the creaters of Goes2find. Today we got a very pleasant surprise and I will let Rick tell you in his own words what happens. This is part of his post from the forums.

"I had finally gotten the kids to get to sleep for their naps, and my wife was still sleeping (due to her schedule), so I sat down to do some 3d modeling work on the computer finally uninterrupted when there was a knock at the door.

Confused, and wondering who it might be, I opened the door up and was delivered a small white box by a nice woman on my doorstep. I looked at the label, thanking her, and seeing that the "from" address was a "Lewis County Goes 2 Find". My mind made the connection. Muse had asked me several days ago for my address. Here was a package. I asked with only a little hesitation: Are you from the forum?

She was! It was Susan. We had a wonderful chat and it was great to finally meet someone face to face. She was very friendly. "

Inside the package was many nice cards and letters and many gift cards to restraunts and retailers and also a big bag of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had! I just added them up and we received $335 in gift cards. The generousity from people, most of which we have never met in real life, is unbelievable. We have been blessed many times since Rick has been laid off by others and I know it is Heavenly Father answering our prayers through others. We will always be so thankful to them.


Erin said...

How special! That is a really neat experience. What a great blessing for you guys.

Elisa said...

That is soo cool! I love Stories like that! That's soo cool!

Adrienne said...

Amazing. It's always good to hear there are still generous people out there! I bet it totally made your day!

Nicolio said...

Lynette that is awesome. The Lord does work in mysterious ways.