Monday, October 26, 2009


I was a cooking fool this weekend. For me that really isn't hard. That just means that I actually cooked something from start to finish. But this weekend I made three things from scratch. My family doesn't quite know who I am and what I have done with the other Lynette.

So on Saturday night (it was suppose to be for breakfast but I realized I had missed a crucial ingredient, so I had to go shopping and make it for dinner) we had pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon syrup. Just to add some extra calories I also cooked up some bacon. I was scared that things weren't going to turn out because I was making two things at once that I had never made before. Everything was really good though. Rick isn't even a big fan of pancakes and loved them and even ate leftovers for breakfast the next morning! I call that success.

On Sunday, which was Rick's birthday, I made pumpkin cobbler. Rick isn't a huge cake fan so we usually do ice cream cakes but instead I asked him if I could make that and have ice cream on the side. He said I could, so I made it for our family and his parents. Once again I did really well with actually making something I had never made before and everyone loved it. Now that I know how easy it is I am just going to have to keep myself from making it. Dangerous.

Now it is my goal to make some more savory, dinner type items from scratch. Most of our dinners are usually super simple (spaghetti, tacos, french toast, etc) or I get them from Dinners Done Right. So we will see what I do.

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Cassie Jensen said...

Lynette- glad to find your blog! Love pumpkin pancakes myself! We use Apple Cider sauce, but cinnamon syrup sounds delish. I might have to try it out next time. The kids have been asking for the pancakes, though, now that the weather has turned so cold. Hope all is well and look forward to seeing more on the Pierce family!